Arrival and departure:

Due to the event programme arrival should always be on a Monday.

If you stay 2 (or 2) weeks you arrive on a Monday and leave on the next Monday (or the very next Monday). If you chose to stay 5 (or 12) days you will also arrive on a Monday and leave on the next Saturday (or the very next Saturday).

Our rangers pick up and return guests arriving / leaving from the local airport in  Hoedspruit (HDS)

Due to the long transport road to Mpala we are not able to take guests home right after the flight has landed. If guests arrive by a later flight. If this should happen the ranger will join you in the airports cafe while waiting for the next arrival.  We hope you will enjoy the company of the ranger and his stories in this fairly short waiting time.

At departures we leave Mpala for the airport i well time to avoid delays on the way to the airport. (elephants could have turned over a big tree over the road, and the ranger need time to get it removed ). The staff at the lodge will tell the guests what time to departure from the lodge.

Please notice that the tranfer from Mpala to Hoedspruit will be regulated according to the earliest departure from the airport.  It may happen that you will have some time waiting in the airport before your flight leave.

If you arrive by flight or you leave your rented car in Hoedspruit airport we need to know the arrival time  ahead of your arrival date. Also we need to know what time your flight leaves on your departure day.  Pick up and drop off in the airport is included in your stay.

Your room will be available from 14.00 on your arrival day.

If you arrive by car we advice you to take contact with the lodge some days before and make an appointment for your time of arrival. Please also call a couple of hours before arrival to get the detailed information how to drive the last bit (14-16 km on gravel road) in the nature reserve. We would love to pick you up at a point near by to avoid that you get lost in the nature reserve.  Due to the road condisions we do not recoment low cars to enter the nature reserve.

Your room will be avaiable until 10.00 on your departure day. To be able to have the rooms ready for the next guests we need the rooms to be free. You are very welcome  to enjoy your spare time untill your departure on the terrasse at Main House and enjoy the landscape and maybe look foreward to visit us again some time.

At arrival are you obliged to accept and sign Mpala Safar Lodge’s ndemnity form. Here you declaire that have understood that it has certain risks and it is on your own responsability to be in the African nature. This is a common request on all South African lodges.  

Children and an spare bed:

Mpala Safari Lodge accept children from the age of 6 years. – Grups of 12 persons kan choose to disregard this age demand, but it is on the their own responsability. Mpala Safari Lodge offers the possibility to have a spare bed in the parents room. We do not give a discount for the person staing in this spare bed,  In South Africa there is a rule. that in nature reserves with Big 5 animals children must be at least 12 years of age to join on a bush walk. To drive on own ATV the child must be at least 14 years old and be able to handle the vehicle.

The travel by airplane::

Flight tickets are not included in the prices for the stay. If you dont want to arrange the flight travel yourself you must contact a travelagency. Mpala Safari Lodge coorporates with a number of Danish travelagents who can arrange the trip for you.


If you book more than 45 days ahead of your arrival date a deposit of 25% must be paid to ensure your booking. The rest of the amount must not be paid later than 45 days before your arrival. 

When you book online you will automatically receive a booking confirmation by e-mail. 

Payment must be free of bank- and credit card charges for Mpala Safari Lodge. Payment must be by mean of bank transfer to:

Bank: Danske Bank A/S
Adresse: Holmens Kanal 2-12, 1092 København K
Reg.nr. 3001
Bankkonto nr. 3001 393839
IBAN: DK4530003001393839

When paying,  you confirm to have accepted the policies and terms of Mpala Safari Lodge.

If you fail to pay in due time, Mpala Safari Lodge may consider your reservation as cancelled. 

General cancellation conditions:
In case of cancellation, the deposit is not refunded.
If cancelled less than 45 days before arrival, the full amount is due and non-refundable.
Mpala safari Lodge reserves the right to cancel your booking/reservation if payment is not made on time, without this entailing a refund of the amount paid.

If you want to cancel your reservation, please send e-mail to pg@mpala.dk 

Prices and exchange rates:

All prices are based on Euro or Danish Kroner, DKK.

Force Majeure:

Mpala Safaris reserves the right to cancel all bookings at any time in the event of force majeure (acts of war, strike, natural events or other events beyond our control). In the event of cancellation earlier than the arrival time due to force majeure, Mpala Safari Lodge will refund the total amount paid. No claim can be made for further compensation or reimbursement. Mpala Safari Lodge reserves the right to make changes to the tour program that are necessitated by force majeure.