Great experiences included

Great experiences included

Amazing experiences with Mpala Safari Lodge

All of these adventures are included in the price

  • Night safari
  • Bush Walk
  • Game drive
  • All meals
  • Dinner in the bush
  • Game drive at ATV
  • Sotho tribal dance
  • 2 days i Kruger National Park with an overnight stay
  • Gamedrive with “champagne”
  • Transfer to and from the airport

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The lodge
in the bush

at night



All meals

Dinner in the bush

Game drive on ATV

Tribal dancing

National Park

Gamedrive "champagne

Kruger National Park

2 days with overnight stay

During trips into the huge Kruger National Park, you get to see a diverse array of different animal species in the unspoilt nature. The animals are used to the vehicle and can be seen quite close. We often must wait for a herd of elephants or a journey of giraffe or even a pride of lions to cross the road in front of our vehicle.

On the way through the park, we stop at designated picnic areas to enjoy a meal in the middle of the African bush. All prepared for you by the chef at the lodge and then turned into a delicious meal by your ranger.


At Mpala we give our guests the luxury of an overnight trip into the Kruger National Park, which gives our guests an extraordinary two-day trip in the magnificent park.  We overnight in one of the cosy rest camps inside the Kruger Park, with each couple enjoying their own private bungalow with all the ensuite facilities needed. 

The Kruger is too large to even get a taste of on a one-day excursion, which most other lodges offer. 

At Mpala we give our guests the full experience of waking up in the Kruger National Park, giving us a great chance to enjoy some wonderful animal sightings. Don’t risk only having one day, rather join us for two, it’s worth your while.

The early morning and evening in the park give you a better chance to find the big predators like lions and leopards, which can be difficult to find during the heat of the day. We take our time on route to camp, giving our guests time to take pictures and soak in the incredible landscape. Your ranger will take great care of you, sharing his or her knowledge of the animals and answering any questions you might have along the way.


We leave Kruger on the second day and head back to Mpala Safari Lodge, the time of arrival varies depending on when you leave the gate of the Kruger National Park. If the warmth of the day is catching up on you, you can always arrive back and take a dip in the pool overlooking the beautiful olifants river. 


Traditional Sotho Tribal Dance

Impressive South African folklore

The local Sotho tribe shows their traditional songs and dances, wearing their original festive costumes. We got the idea for this when we heard that the traditional customs are being forgotten.

We contacted the local chief and asked if the tribe was on board with the idea. They were, but the young people didn’t know their own dances, their parents didn’t know them very well either, so we had to have the grandparents teach them.

Safari and romantic dinner in the bush

A very special experience

The late afternoon is great time to head out from camp on an afternoon game drive, guided by one of the experienced rangers. The tour begins from Mpala Safari Lodge on open safari vehicles. During your morning activity you experienced the Quad Bike safari, it’s now time to give the wheel to your guide and let him or her take you on safari in our big five reserve.

Your guide will drive slowly along the network of dirt tracks, scanning the bush for wildlife.

 A game drive is a great opportunity for photography, and to simply enjoy a variety of different animals in their natural habitat. A favourite is always the giraffe, with their crazy height and curious nature they often venture closer to the vehicle to look at what we are up too.
Once we arrive at the bush camp a glass of sparkling wine is served or whatever you prefer. As the stars take over the sky dinner is served, all prepared on an open fire. While enjoying your meal in the African bush, you have the chance to hear the night sounds around you.

Game drive with “champagne”

Ecperience the wildlife up-close

At Mpala we offer game drives, in open safari vehicles capable of handling the rough terrain. Mpala Safari Lodge has a large area of land, which is restricted to guests of the lodge. The land is situated in the Greater Kruger National Park, which is completely open to the Kruger National Park.


On the vehicle bound safari’s one can get very close to the animals, it’s great for those who enjoy photography. 

During the week we have several game drives in the reserve, giving you ample opportunity to see a variety of animals. 

On the Sunday before you leave, we have a game drive with a twist, its ends at our beautiful viewpoint, overlooking the olifants river and surrounds. This is a great time to reflect on the week and enjoy a beautiful sunset on a clear day. Mpala then thanks all the guests for visiting, with a delicious glass of bubbles locally sourced in South Africa. 


Bush Walk

A walk-through nature accompanied by a trained Mpala trails guide.

It’s a special feeling to walk through a big five reserve on foot, experiencing the wonders of nature. Your qualified trails guide will be armed with a rifle and his or her knowledge of the bush. While walking, your guide will spot, smell and hear things around you that you would never have seen. The smallest of insects through to an elephant can be seen on a walk, making it one of the more exciting activities.
A branch breaking in the distance, a pile of dung on the ground and the track to confirm, could mean a close encounter with an elephant. The walk is a great way to get yourself in touch with the smells, sounds and sights of nature. The walk is restricted to adults and children above the age of 12, within the guides discretion. Those that do not attend the walk, will be accommodated with a game drive instead.

Night drive

Experience the animals when they are most active

When the sun goes down and the stars are out, certain animals become more active. The cats are one of the animals, that enjoy the cooler conditions at night. 

They also have the advantage of excellent night vision, which makes them successful hunters at night.

With the aid of a spotlight your guide will scan the bush for eyes and shapes, if you’re lucky he or she might find you a few of our nocturnal species.

Remember to pack warm clothes, it can get cold in the evenings especially while driving in an open vehicle.

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