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Exclusive safari in South Africa


You find the Mpala Safari lodge on the banks of the Oliphant River in the Limpopo Province inside the world-famous Great Kruger National Park in North-East South Africa.

An experience

for life


Safari in South Afrika

There’s something tantalizing about the idea of a safari to South Africa. The open planes, the bush, the rivers, the mountains, the local people and not least the wild animals in completely free dressage. For many, it’s the ultimate dream and it might come true faster and easier than you think!

Do you dream of waking up one morning by the rays of the first sun in comfortable luxury in the middle of the bush in the great South African National Park, Kruger National Park? Far from civilization and in the authentic Africa you might have seen on film. You are in luxurious and safe surroundings. Outside you can hear the sound of the wild animals and birds and the faint rippling of the river.

When you open your eyes, the first sight to meet you is the large mosquito net surrounding the bed, creating a romantic atmosphere of four-poster bed and cosiness around you. You sit up in bed and look out of the large panoramic windows from which you have a clear view of wildlife outside.

Safari in South Afrika provides you with the first row to the woldlife

After a nice, refreshing bath in your private bathroom, you get dressed and go out on your terrace to enjoy the sounds and fresh scents before heading to the main house. Here, a delicious breakfast awaits on the large terrace, which overlooks directly down to Olifants River.

From here you can see the animals coming in groups, drinking and bathing, while the other guests on site also show up and have their breakfast. You now know them all, because this place only seats 12 guests at a time. Guests are accommodated in pairs in one of the 3 semi-detached houses – chalets – located around the main house

You are in paradise. It is a great luxury that there are no large groups of other people. The fact that here can stay a maximum of 6 pairs at a time means that you are always at the forefront of the experiences. No long queues and not a lot of other people squeezing in front. It’s you and the experiences – what you’ve always dreamed of.

Yesterday you were on a bush walk with the experienced guides of the place. Here you learned how to see the traces of the many wild animals and you also got up close and close to a few. It also turned into a photo safari at the ATV and the day ended with an idyllic, romantic dinner prepaired over bonfires in the middle of the bush.

There you sat in the rays of the setting sun enjoying a fantastic meal, while the wildlife of the day thanked and the voices of the animals of the night began to be heard, while millions of bright stars began to appear in the pitch-black night sky.

The fire was still crackling and you talked about the many new experiences of the day and the animals that you had seen.

The animals by night

You gaines even more insight of the wildlife at night, as the guides took you on a so-called night drive in the area. Here you saw all the wild animals that move at night – and that you rarely see during the day. They didn’t seem to be intimidated by the floodlights from the car, so you got to see them quite clearly.

Gamedrive and safari

You’re smiling. Today you are going on another trip around on safari on a so-called gamedrive. Here you are guaranteed to see even more of the beautiful wild animals in their authentic nature. You feel like you’ve really gotten into the movies that you’ve seen on TV at home. You’re already looking forward to tomorrow. Because there you will be on a two-day safari around Kruger National Park. You will spend the night in your own house in one of the cozy camps.

You are so pleased that it is all served – the experiences, delicious food, no worries about washing dishes – everything is organized and planned and you only have to concentrate on enjoying it all while others take care of the practicalities. You also welcome the vast experience and knowledge that the rangers (guides) so willingly tell about. You feel safe even if you are in the middle of the African nature, because the rangers take care of you and make sure that everything is done calmly and safely.

Safari in South Afrika at Mpala Safari Lodge

You are just happy and more happy that you found Mpala Safari Lodge – the Danish-owned luxury safari resort located in the more undaunted part of Kruger National Park, where Mpala’s own guests can only be accessed.

The best part is almost the price and all the luxury you get with. Just over 12,000 dkr for 7 days and then you get the second week for half price if you choose to stay for 14 days!

Book today. As I said, there is only room for 12 guests at a time. So there’s a fight for the seats!

Mpala supports the local community

Mpala has engaged in a local school and kindergarten in the nearby village of The Oaks. We’ve previously had a day trip to the village, but because of the Covid-19 situation we have decided to terminate the trip to protect both the children, the teachers, and our guests.

Mpala still supports both the school and the kindergarten. Our guests are welcome to participate with economical contributions to the project.

Mpala Safari Lodge
A place made of dreams
The Mpala Safari Lodge is the result of our dreams of a place in Africa, which began on a holiday back in 1989. Then, we were on our first safari, which was a tented expedition among lions and elephant without any luxury what so ever.
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