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Returning to Mpala

Does anyone ever win those Facebook contests? I’ve often thought that way, when I’ve browsed the internet, being bombarded with offers of winning this and that. Haven’t you? It’s probably just a way for them to collect permissions to send me newsletters....

Safari in a wheelchair

”If you can manage the trip down here – we can take care of the rest” That was the words, when I met Per at a spring-exhibition in April, 2014 in Hillerød. I’ve dreamed about a trip to South Africa for so long, but since I’ve become partly bound to a wheelchair I...

Africa and Mpala

Africa og Mpala I have been many places in the world already. Both the east and west, north and south. I have a fondness for Greece that I love, but my trip to south Africa and especially Mpala Safari Lodge still stands as no. 1 on my list of experiences I will never...


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