A place made of dreams

Mpala Safari Lodge is the result of our dream of a place in Africa. I all started with a holiday in 1989.

The Lodge

Mpala Safari Lodge

A place made of dreams

The dream started with a holiday in 1989.

We then went on our first African safari, which was an expedition in a tent among lions and elephants, without any luxury. In the year 2000, after a lovely safari in South Africa with our 2 children, we decided that the time had come for us to find our own place for Africa safari. Ole and Annelise were then only 9 and 6 years old, but they were just as enthusiastic about the African atmosphere as we had been 11 years earlier. The following year, when we traveled to South Africa again, we found the perfect place. Here we have since built the Mpala Safari Lodge, in the middle of the unspoiled nature right by the Olifants River in the world-famous nature reserve Great Kruger National Park.
Per, who is a structural engineer, knew how the construction should be organized and we got in touch with a skilled architect and a contractor. Quality and architecture were given the highest priority and in January 2003 the lodge was ready to receive the first guests for Africa Safari. Apart from a few times when some lions and buffaloes bothered the construction workers, everything went according to plan. During the construction, Helle took care of the planning of the interior and furnishings. She was responsible for everything from the smallest purchases of teaspoons to the design of furniture that was specially made for us. We were helped by a skilled interior designer who gave us ideas and inspiration. But no choice was made until we had seen and touched the goods ourselves, after countless visits to markets and cabinet makers. Estel, who is our skilled manager at Mpala, has been with us from the very beginning. 

– in fact, many of our employees are still the same and we are very happy about that. We have become like a family. We live in Denmark, north of Copenhagen. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to travel to Mpala 3-4 times each year, so we are never too long away from our paradise.

The warmest regards
and welcome to Mpala
Helle og Per Grunert

The lodge
Vi give you

Experience the adventure of a lifetime on safari in comfortable luxury

After a nice refreshing shower in your private bathroom, you head out to your terrace feeling very good about life. Before heading down to the main house, you enjoy the fresh air and sounds of the African bush. On arrival you smell the aroma of fresh coffee brewing and step out onto the large deck area to enjoy a view of the Olifants river. Animals frequently move past, either on route to drink, bath or to simply pass by along the river. You might find yourself admiring the beauty of a kingfisher, while your fellow guests enjoy the boisterous sounds of the local baboon troop moving through. Du er i paradis og det er stor luksus, at der ikke er store grupper af andre mennesker. Netop det, at der maksimalt kan være 6 par ad gangen, gør, at du altid er i første række for oplevelserne. Ingen lange køer og ikke en masse andre, som maser sig foran. Det er dig og oplevelserne – det du altid har drømt om. You soon get to know all the guests at the lodge, this is the beauty of accommodating only 12 guests at a time, you never feel crowded. But you still get to meet people while enjoying what the bush has to offer. Guests are accommodated in pairs, in three semi-detached duplex chalets located around the main house. You are truly in paradise. It’s such a great luxury to not have to share the lodge area with big groups of people. The fact that the lodge take a maximum of 6 pairs, mean you are at the forefront of the variety of experiences. No long queues but a family feeling with all the friendly staff at the lodge. It’s what dreams are made of. Yesterday you started your day with a bushwalk in the beautiful Parsons nature reserve, your experienced guide introduced you to the tracks and signs of the bush. You might have even had a few close encounters with the wildlife that frequents the area. The day then took another turn and you found yourself on an quad bike, with the wind blowing through your hair, while you scan the landscape for wildlife. Then to end the day off you spent the evening at the bush camp, arriving while the sun gave off its final rays and darkness began to illuminate the many lanterns that surround the bonfire. It’s certainly a romantic way to finish the day. While you wait for darkness to fall, diurnal animals find a place to rest, while the nocturnal creatures begin to wake up. The sky above you is a spectacle as it shimmers with millions of white stars bringing light to the darkness. While relaxing around the open fire listening to the crackle of the flames, you recollect the many experiences from your day and all the animals you have seen.

First row

to all the fantastic experiences

It is important to us, that our guests get the most out of their visit. Because of this we have limited the number of guestrooms to 6 double rooms. This is your garantee, always to be in the first row to alle the fantastic experiences. You can find vacand weeks by pressing the booking button. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to write to us.

Mpala Safri Lodge is in Greater Kruger National Park

The lodge