More experiences & trips

More experiences & trips

Extra experiences

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Hot air balloning

Experience the magic in hovering silently above the treetops and herds of animals

We leave the lodge before sunrise arriving at the launch site, to witness the balloons being inflated. A much-needed coffee will be served while you watch the experienced team set up your balloon. The size of the balloon will amaze you; it can be compared to the height of an eight story building.
Thanks to the early start, you’ll witness the sunrise as you slowly rise from the ground in your balloon. The landscape below you slowly drift by, giving you panoramic views of the stunning scenery and not to mention the possibility of spotting wildlife.
After an expert landing by your very experienced pilot, you will receive a glass of champaign to celebrate your flight and a certificate as memorabilia.
We do not take safety lightly and neither does your pilot, so this excursion will only take place if the weather forecast, and wind allows it.
Pris: 5 200 Rand per person

luksus safari

River cruise

the ultimative experience

While you float slowly along the olifants river, the animal life can be spotted all around you. The crocodiles and Hippo’s can be seen in the water and along the banks of the river, while on both sides you might be lucky to spot some of the larger mammals. Let’s not forget the abundant bird life living along the olifants river system, one of them being the beautiful African fish eagle.

The cruise takes place on a dammed up section of the olifants river, in the Greater Kruger National Park. The calm waters are a perfect place to enjoy a breakfast on board the boat while listening to the snorting hippos, who frequent the area.

Price 1 600 Rand per person.


Shopping tour

to Phalaborwa

An hour and a quarter drive from Mpala Safari lodge, and you’ve arrived in one of South Africa’s modern cities. Phalaborwa will give you opportunity to experience some South African culture as well as plenty shopping opportunities.
Take a walk through the town with your guide, soak in your surrounds and visit a few of the exotic stalls. You can buy clothes, shoes, jewellery etc. from the modern stalls at African prices.
If you have time to spare you can take a trip to the copper mine on the outskirts of Phalaborwa. Your guide will drive you to a viewing area which gives you a bird’s eye view of the open cast mine.
The mine is an impressive 2 km2 wide and 1 km deep, making it one of the largest in the world.
The mine is the reason for the wealth in the area, providing work for the locals in the area.
Price: 1 100 Rand per person.

Phalaborwa mine


and giraffes

Hans Merensky Golf Course is located in the city of Phalaborwa, on the outskirts of Kruger National Park. This beautiful 18-hole golf course will surprise you with an abundance of wildlife, it’s golf with an African twist.
The greens provide a lovely area for animals to graze and the impressive variety of trees attract beautiful bird life and our tall friends the giraffe. Your short game will be tested with a few well-placed bunkers and water hazards. Don’t bother retrieving your lost ball’s from the water, the resident hippo’s and crocodiles have already claimed them.
Price: 1 750 Rand per person incl. green fee.
Rental of golf gear 280 Rand extra.



and endagered animals

Experience the center for endagered animals in Hoedspruit. They specialize in breeding chetas for habilitation in the nature.

Among other species are the rare wild dogs and a number of injured animals and orphaned young animals. They will be nursed untill they can be released. 

Please be aware that a number of the animals live in smaller fenced areas. But the center is still a nice visit, and as a guest you contribute the center to be able to function and the survival of the animals.

Price: 1 600 Rand per person

Extra experiences

The Panoramic Route

2 days with overnight stay

The tour begin upon arrival to Johannesburg on a Sunday and takes place on the Monday before arriving at Mpala Safari lodge, instead of taking the flight through from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit. This will give you the opportunity to see more of the beautiful landscape of South Africa, a transfer will collect you from Johannesburg. You will then overnight in Hazyview at the lovely Casa Do Sol, based on availability. Dinner and breakfast will be included in the price.
The next day you’ll be collected by your tour guide and the panorama tour begins. The route will take you through the Drakensberg Mountain range Northeast of Johannesburg, along a route once travelled by those seeking riches in the form of gold. The Blyde River Canyon and the three rondavels, Burkes luck potholes, a selection of beautiful waterfalls, shopping along the way and many more beautiful scenes of the Drakensberg Mountain range.
You will need to give yourself 2 days extra to accommodate for the tour, arriving in South Africa on the Sunday morning. Casa Do Sol will then accommodate you and give you a chance to relax after your long flight and enjoy their facilities. A swim to cool off in their pool and a stroll through their beautiful scenic garden could be just what you need after arriving in warm South Africa.
Your destination will be Mpala Safari Lodge on the Monday afternoon, where your bushveld safari will begin.
Must be booked minimum 30 days before arrival.

Price: Includes transfer from Johannesburg

  • 564 € (11 000 Rand) per person (2-3 persons)
  • 405 € (7 820 Rand) per person (4 and more persons)
  • 135 € (2 605 Rand) supplement for a single room at Casa Do Sol. 
Extra experiences
Extra experiences

Extra bushwalk

experience even more on foot

The program does provide the chance to partake bushwalk, but if you still want to experience more on foot, then an extra bush walk is just for you.
Your qualified trails guide will take you for another leg stretching walk through the African bush, you will have the opportunity to test the knowledge you’ve gained from your previous activities. The tracks ands signs might start to look familiar, but there will always to be new experiences to be had.
Price: 600 Rand per person.


Horseback riding

On the back of a horse you can get closer to the animal life

On the back of a horse you can get closer to the animal life than you ever imagined, you will feel like you are a part of nature. The animals are naturally not afraid of a rider on horseback, they simply consider you as another animal in their beautiful environment.
Imagine riding into a herd of zebra and just feeling like one of the herd, it’s truly an intense nature experience. These tours are however suitable for only experienced riders.
Price: 2 200 Rand per person.


Tented safari

For the explorious.

This is not your ordinary camping trip, this time you’re under the night sky surrounded by nature and the sky full of stars.
The tents are prepared for you, all you need is an overnight bag and a flashlight. The campsite is in the middle of the African bush, at Mpala Safari Lodge’s unfenced bush camp.
Dinner is prepared on the open fire by your guide, who will also be responsible for your safety during the night.
The ambience is unreal as you sit around the fire, reflecting on the days adventures and listening to the night sounds in a big five reserve.
Price: 950 Rand per person.



Combine your safarie with a one-day tour

Combining your safari with a one-day tour of the Drakensberg Mountain range, can be a great addition to your week.
The panorama tour takes you on a journey packed with breath taking views, of some of South Africa’s beautiful natural landscapes. You’ll be soaking in the beauty of the Blyde River Canyon, the largest green canyon in the world. The Burkes luck potholes where the Blyde river and the Treur river meet, forming huge potholes in the rocks due to erosion.
Not to mention several other stops along the way, including waterfalls and god’s window. You’ll be stopping in the small town of Grasskop for lunch, which is also a great place to shop for hand crafted souvenirs, made by local artists.
Price: 2 500 Rand per person.

3 Rondavels, Drakensbjergene


and kindergarten

Mpala Safari Lodge choose to support a local school and kindergarten, in a nearby village called The Oaks. We have previously taken day trips to the village, however because of Covid-19 we have chosen to stop the trip to protect the children, teachers and our guests.

Mpala Safari Lodge still support both the school and kindergarten, our guests are welcome to donate to projects or bring useful gifts such as learning materials for the children.
You are welcome to visit the school and kindergarten.  

Read more about our comunity projeck here:  The Oaks

This trip will take place Wednesday instead of  a gamedrive.

Price: 900 Rand per person. This will cover our expenses for the drive and the excess money wil be donated towards our project.


Elephant interaction

Experience the African elephant up-close

If you’ve met an Indian elephant and you thought they were big, well prepare yourself, the African elephant is much bigger.
These elephants have been tamed in a humane way, with lots of patients and plenty delicious treats. The elephants have all been liberated and have a new lease on life, in a reserve not far from Mpala Safari Lodge.
The elephants are tame, giving you the opportunity to get incredibly close to these magnificent creatures.
Price: 3 000 Rand per person



Take an extra ride on the fun ATV's

One trip on a ATV’s safari is already included in your package. 

If you’re up for another fun trip through the African Bush, on a four wheeler, then this is a great opportunity to experience it again.

Price: 1 200 Rand per person.


Extra sunset drive

A gamedrive in the soft light of the sunset

As the heat of the day cools off, it’s a great time to be out on safari. The animals begin to move towards the water holes, and feed in the cool of the afternoon. This is a great time to go out and spot them in the vicinity of Mpala Safari Lodge, in the Greater Kruger National Park. Along the way you’re guide will share his or her knowledge of the wonderful fauna and flora around. During the drive we will find a spot to stop and enjoy a cold refreshment, while the sun sets in the African sky. Price: 675 Rand per person.


Excursion to the rehabilitation centre for animals

Moholoholo is situated on the foothills of the Drakensberg mountains. The name means the “great battle” which took place in 1864 between the Swazi and Bapedi people.
It is a wildlife rehabilitation centre, which rescues injured animals giving them a better chance at survival.
Once the animals are healthy enough to be released, a new home in the African bush will be found and they can continue to live in their natural habitat.
Guests will have the opportunity to see the animals, that have been kept at the centre as ambassadors of their species. Either in the process of recovery or some who simply cannot be released back into the wild, they are now there to educate people and promote awareness.
The “vulture restaurant” is definitely one of the highlights, and a great opportunity to see these large scavengers up close.
You will leave with a greater knowledge of the work been done to conserve our natural word.
Price: 1 400 Rand per person.

Extra experiences

Extra morgning gamedrive

Enjoy an extra gamedrive under the rising sun

We set out from the lodge in the early morning light, while the sun rises in the east. This is a great time to experience the shift in animal activity between the nocturnal animals and the diurnal ones. The animals of the night are beginning to find a place to shelter from the sun, while the day time animals are active once more in search of food. The drive takes place from Mpala Safari Lodge, in the Greater Kruger National Park, which is a big five reserve. During the search for wildlife your guide will share his or her knowledge of the bush, which can range from a small insect, plant or even a large elephant. Price: 675 Rand per person.

Day trip in Kruger Park

Take an extra day trip in Kruger Park

VThe day begins with an early start, leaving Mpala Safari Lodge before daybreak. The sunrise can be enjoyed on route to the Kruger National Park.

The day will be similar to the 2 day trip already offered in your package,. We will however not cover as much of the park. We will need to make our way back home before the park gates close.

During the day we will stop at a picnic spot within the park to enjoy a delicious meal, surrounded by nature.

Price: 3 100 Rand per person minimum 4 guests 


The Reptile Park

See and learn about snakes and other reptiles up close.

Hand on heart – although there are snakes and other “creep” in the bush, it is extremely rare to see them.
If you have an interest for reptiles then the reptile centre is the perfect place to see these fascinating creatures up close. Hoedspruit reptile centre boast a wide array of different species and are incredibly informative.
While you are there, the centre does offer a demonstration, during which you will witness the reaction speed of three of the most dangerous snakes. This is done by a trained professional and safety is top of their agenda.
After your experience you will learn that snakes aren’t out to get you, they are actually more scared of us.
Price: 1 400 Rand per person 


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