Mpala supports the local community

Both the school and the kindergarten

Mpala support locally

Both the school and kindergarten

Education is important

Diphuti School

As a kind of thank you for the loan of their magnificent South Africa, we think it is only natural to give these poor children a small but much-needed help that can mean a better start in life. What better start can be imagined than a good education can provide. Together with the authorities, we made a plan for the construction of several classrooms. This has now resulted in a doubling of the area.

A large number of initiatives and projects supported by Mpala have made the school’s everyday life easier: and more fun. Here can be mentioned:

  • Repair of the school’s pump well,
  • Goals for soccer pitches and soccer clothing, balls and boots.
  • Together with our guests, Mpala has donated countless school uniforms to those who needed a new uniform the most.

Mpala will continue to support the school with uniforms.

The happy children in the kindergarten

The little kindergarten in The Oaks

A small private kindergarten had very modest conditions. Here, Mpala has supported it over the years by building a kitchen with a gas stove, so that they no longer have to cook for the children outside over an open fire. Mpala regularly buys bottled gas for the kindergarten. The children stayed out in the scorching sun, so Mpala built a half-roof for them so that they can be shaded during the hot hours of the day.

In addition, we discovered that the children slept at dinner on the bare concrete floor, so we have brought a large pile of warm and soft blankets for them.

Mpala continues to support the kindergarten with food, gas and toys