Følg hverdagen på lodgen
The roaring of the lions as extra spice and the most beautiful starry night

Dear everybody at the Mapala.
We have felt terribly spoilt, well treated, and we have enjoyed every minute. Our week has gone by in a flash. It is amazing the way the program for the week has been put together with new experiences every single day. The knowledge of the rangers and their ability to pass on this knowledge is top notch, their passion for their job, their empathy for nature so contagious that you just follow their lead. Whether you look for animal droppings or tracks, are animal spotting, or listen to information about the eco system in the bush from beetle to the elephants – and how everybody is depending on each other and each play their part. The visit to the school and kindergarten shows how important it is to help. The fact that Mpala have decided to give aid and support to these projects is very inspiring – so thank you, Per, that this also became part of our experience.

By Henrik & Charlotte, Søborg