Going on an African safari is an unforgettable experience. With our guide the planning can be part of the build up and excitement!

1. Game Drive

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the breath-taking sight of game roaming freely across acres of unspoilt National Park. What will it sound like as a herd of buffalo pass? How will the lush grasslands smell? What will it feel like in the middle of the vast bush?

A game drive is perhaps he quintessential part of any African safari. At Mpala Safari lodge a Game drive and bushwalk is just one of our weekly activities.

2. Candlelit dinner in the bush

Raise a glass of Champaign, gaze at your partner through the majestic flicker of candlelight then take a sip. As you do, cast your eyes upwards and be amazed by the magic star-filled African sky.

Dating back to the luxury safaris of the swinging 1920’s, today no safari is complete without dinner in the bush.

3. Bush walk

After breakfast, walk a mile. After lunch, rest a while. You’re on vacation and you’ll have plenty of time to relax in the sumptuous Mpala lodge. So what better way to start your day than a bush walk? Let our experienced guides take you on a hike and reveal the treasures of African nature at its best.

4. Elephant back Safari

The African elephant is the largest land animal on Earth. Picture yourself traversing the African bush from the vantage point of this intelligent beast. As you saunter along you’ll spot wild animals in their natural state.

5. Hot-air balloon ride

The spirit of adventure, the freedom of flight and the grace of nature come together in a balloon journey over the bush. This once in a lifetime experience is one of the additional activities offered by Mpala.

6. River Cruise

Hippos wallowing unperturbed as crocodiles loiter. Elephants calmly observing while giraffe’s prance on the riverbank. Taking a cruise on Olifants River lets you witness wildlife from an entirely different perspective.

7. Experience a tribal dance

Africa, that vast and vibrant continent! You’ll be thrilled as the local Sotho tribe perform their traditional songs and dances in their stunning celebratory costumes.

8. Night Drive

Just as you might be settling down for the night in one of our cosy chalets, some other creatures are coming out to play. That’s why a safari would not be complete without a Night Drive.

9. Spend a night in a tent

A night under canvass is the most traditional way to Safari. Connect with nature, enjoy the conversation or just let your mind wonder as you listen to the cracking of the campfire and the sounds of the African night.

10. Relax by the pool

Now it’s time to rest a while! So why not enjoy the luxurious Mpala lodge? Pick up a book and make your way over to the nearest sun-lounger. With maximum of 12 guests it’s never crowded. Take a dip in the pool and draw a deep breath. This is your time, your moment.