About us and our South-African paradise in the bush

Mpala Safari Lodge is the result of a dream of a haven in Africa which started with a vacation in 1989. Back then we wnt on our first safari, which was an expedition amongst lions and elephants, living in tents without any kind of luxury.

In the year 2000, following a lovely vacation in South Africa with our two children, we decided it was time to find our own piece of South African paradise. Ole and Annelise were only 9 and 6 back then, but they were just as excited about the African atmosphere as we had been 11 years earlier.

The following year, as we again traveled to South Africa, we found the perfect spot in the midst of unspoiled nature right by the Olifants River in the world famous nature reserve Great Kruger National Park. We both knew that this is excactly where Mpala Safari Lodge would become reality.

Per, as a construction engineer, knew best how to manage the construction and contacted a skilled architect and a building contractor. Quality and architectural design were given the highest priority and in January of 2003 the lodge was ready to welcome its first guests. Apart from a few incidents when some lions and buffalo troubled the construction workers, everything went according to plan.

During the construction period Helle was planning the layout and interior, from the smallest purchase of teaspoons to the design of furniture which was custom made for us. A skilled interior designer assisted by offering ideas and inspiration. No final selections were made until we ourselves had seen and touched the merchandise.

Estel, our skilled manager at Mpala, has been with us from the start – in fact, many of our current employees were here from the start, which we are pleased about. We have become a family.

We live in Denmark, north of Copenhagen, but luckily we have the privilege to travel to Mpala 3 to 4 times a year, so we are never away from our African paradise for too long.

Sincere regards and a warm welcome to Mpala Safari Lodge.

Helle and Per Grunert