Experiences & Excursions
Included in the price
2 days with accommodations
Kruger National Park
In the Kruger National Park, you get to see all the fascinating animals in their natural habitat. The animals have no fear of the car, so often you have to stop to let elephants, giraffes or even a group of lions cross the road right in front of you. Along the way, we take breaks and enjoy the abundance of delicious treats in the picnic basket prepared by the chef back at the lodge.

Extraordinarily, we have made the excursion to Kruger National Park as a 2-days tour, where we spend the night in one of the fine camps inside Kruger Park. Each couple will have a cottage of their own with private bath/toilet. If you want to experience the Kruger National Park and the fascinating African wildlife, you simply do not get the full experience by joining one of the normal 1-day excursions, which most of the other lodges offer. Nature is unpredictable and it would be a pity if your only day in Kruger would be a bad one.

To ensure a memorable experience, the Mpala Safari Lodge has arranged the excursion to Kruger as a 2-days event. As a bonus, you will have an amazing opportunity to experience the wild-life during the evening and in the morning, which the 1-day excursions cannot offer.

Predators like lions and leopards are primarily active during the night and early mornings and can rarely be seen during the day. Another major advantage is that the excursion takes place at a much nicer pace as we do not have to drive so far to see everything in just one day. Whenever we see something interesting, we can take our time to enjoy the experience.

We leave Kruger National Park in the middle of the second day so we have time to get back to Mpala Safari Lodge and – if you like – a cooling dip in the pool.

Traditional Sotho Tribal Dance
Impressive African Folklore
The local Sotho tribe presents their traditional songs and dances dressed in their original attire for celebration. We got the idea for this when we experienced that the traditional customs were about to be forgotten.

We contacted the local chief and asked him if the tribe wanted to be part of this. They accepted, but their young did not know the dances, their parents were also slightly unfamiliar with them so we had to ask the grandparents to teach.

All this

is included


  • Night drive
  • Bush Walk
  • Gamedrive
  • All meals
  • Dinner in the bush


  • Gamedrive on ATV
  • Sotho Tribal dancing
  • 2 day in Kruger National Park with an overnight stay
  • Gamedrive with “champagne”.

Game drive with “champagne”

Experience the wildlife up-close

At the Mpala Game Drive, we drive in open safari vehicles with powerful engines, which make it possible to drive through the uneven terrain of the area. Mpala owns a part of Great Kruger National Park, which is reserved for the guests at Mpala – and all the animals.

Often, we get quite close to the animals, so you need to have your camera ready to get the perfect scoop. We offer Game Drive several times every week. Along the road, we make stops so you can have some refreshment and discuss the experience with each other. Sunday, we round up with the last Game Drive on Mpalas viewpoint, where Mpala thanks you for the visit and offer you a glass of fine South African bubbles in the sunset.

A walk through nature accompanied by the Mpala armed guards

It is fascinating to experience the South African nature on foot, while the guide tells you about the many things you will meet during the walk.

It is amazing to see how the experienced guide discovers small signs on the ground and more, which nobody else would have seen, had he not pointed them out. It may be a broken branch, tracks in the sand, or animal droppings, which reveals which animal was here and when.

Kids of the age 6-11 years will not join the group on the bush walk. They will receive an extra game drive.


Night drive
Experience the animals when they are most active
When the sun settles and it gets dark, many animals become active. Now is the time to see some of the animals, which keep hidden during the day.

The nocturnal animals see or sense just as clearly as humans do during the day. The animals are not frightened by our floodlights.

You need to dress warmly, as it gets quite cold in the evening and during the night in Africa.