Photo safari at Olifants River

Whether you are a photo enthusiast looking for an extraordinary adventure with your beloved camera in hand or just a person dreaming of experiencing the unique safari phenomenon in South Africa without actually going hunting, a visit at the Mpala Safari Lodge will be the right choice for you to make.

The Mpala Safari Lodge is situated perfectly for those who wish to spot and photograph the unique African wildlife. On the banks of the Olifants River in the middle of the great Kruger National Park, which is the largest game reserve in South Africa and actually the second largest in the entire African continent.

When going on a photo safari with the Mpala rangers, you have to get up early, as the tour leaves at sunrise in order to reach the animals when they are most active during the morning, and before it gets too hot later in the day. You will be driven in an open jeep through the private part of the Kruger National Park, belonging to the Mpala Safari Lodge, meaning that you will have the space and the photo opportunities to yourself.


Watch the Big Five through your lens

You do not have to be a hunter to dream of the legendary Big Five game. Anyone thinking about Africa and African wildlife will have these great five species in mind, and it is just as big an accomplishment to catch these exciting animals with your camera lens as it is to shoot them as a trophy. The Big Five have gotten their name because of the difficulty and danger it used to present to actually hunt for these large animals. Today you can feel absolutely safe going on a photo safari with the experienced rangers of Mpala.

The Big Five consist of the lion, the elephant, the cape buffalo, the leopard and finally the rhinoceros.


Which other animals will you be able to meet?

There is no need to only focus on the Big Five, however. As we mentioned before, this area of South Africa has the largest game reserve in the country, and combined with the efforts that the Mpala staff has made to make the area more attractive to the animals, it means that there are plenty of both beautiful and interesting species to meet in the bush.

Just to mention a few examples, you may get the opportunity to take stunning pictures of impalas (actually the name Mpala derives from the word impala), giraffe, warthogs, zebras, wildebeest, kudus, waterbucks and smaller antelopes such as steinbuck and duiker, just to mention a few. In the river there are crokodiles and hippos. And not to forget: the many different and colourful bird species also present in and around the Mpala estate. In fact far more than hundred different bird species may be seen at and around Mpala Safari Lodge.

Much more to experience at Mpala

A holiday at the Mpala Safari Lodge is something quite different from other types of vacations. Staying at the lodge in the middle of the wild and beautiful South African nature is an experience for life for most people.

There are many other things to experience, adventures to have, meals to enjoy and tours to go on, when you stay here, and there is no reason to just limit your African Adventure to photo safaris.