Go on a fantastic photo safari in South Africa

Is it your dream to get close to the wildlife, to  get some amazing and unique pictures to bring home?To have a succes, it requires great local knowledge and quiet surroundings. You get both with a photo safari in South Africa at the Danish-owned Mpala Safari Lodge, located in Greater Kruger National Park.

Wild animals look best in their natural environment. So if you want to experience giraffes, lions, rhinos, elephants and other African animals up-close, the large Kruger National Park in the Northeastern part of South Africa is a good place to go. It is Africa’s largest animal sanctuary, which has been open to the public since 1927.

It takes tranquility and well local knowledge

If you want to get close to the wild animals, it requires calm conditions and a guide who is well acquainted with the local conditions. In the southern part of Kruger National Park, it can be not quite so calm due to the large number of tourists.

But if you go a little to the northeast of the park, there will be longer between tourists. Here you will find the Danish-owned Mpala Safari Lodge, located on the banks of the Olifants River with the prettiest view of the river. With room for only 12 guests at a time, all guests get the first parquet for the amazing wildlife. In fact, it can be enjoyed directly from the terrace of the luxurious semi-detached houses that you are accommodated in or from the terrace of the main house, where there are extra good views of wildlife along the Olifants River.

On a photo safari in the bush of South Africa

But you get even closer to the animals than that! Because during the week you will go on a very exclusive photo safari in South Africa through the bush, both on foot and in a safari car. As a special feature, you will also have the opportunity to ride the ATV (4-wheeled motorcycle) through the bush. This is part of the fixed arrangement, but you can of course choose from it if you would rather ride in the open safari jeep with driver.

The rangers at Mpala are real professionals and know where the area’s many different animal groups are currently staying. Because depending on the season and where there are the best opportunities to find food, the different animals move around the area.
The rangers make sure that you get up close and personal, so you get the most optimal conditions to get the shot with your camera, so you get a fantastic memory from your photo safari in South Africa. Of course, the rangers are vigilant and armed in case a threatening situation should arise, which, fortunately, is rare.

At a leisurely pace through the bush

The trips on foot and in safari cars and on ATVs take place at a leisurely pace through the many winding paths in the terrain. This ensures an even more unique photo safari in South Africa, where you get very close to the animals. Along the way, the rangers teach you how to read nature and spot the traces left by the animals. You will also learn how to get up close and personal without being detected, and gain a lot of knowledge about the differente animals you migth meet along the way.

Along the way, there is time for a refreshment and a good chat about the animals. There is plenty of time to enjoy the magnificent nature – and at the end of the day, a true gourmet meal is lit up and created by our chefs – an evening in the middle of the savannah over an open fire.
Get up close to the wildlife in first class
If you would also like to get a seat in the front row for the wild animals and experience the beautiful and luxurious Mpala Safari Lodge, you should be out quickly. Because with room for only 12 people at a time, it can be difficult at times to get a seat at the time that suits you.

Book a photosafari in South Africa 

Book your photo safari now and look forward to incredible experiences in first-class luxury with the opportunity to get a lot of amazing pictures home of the exciting wild animals.