Fotograf: Jan Lindstrøm

(Fotograf: Jan Lindstrøm)

All 5 of us in my group visiting Mpala Sep 24-29 had a wonderful trip!
Each of the other people, said again & again, how great everything was at your lodge, and how happy they were that I made the choice to go there.

As I may have indicated in previous e-mails, I have (since 1978) taken groups to many places, and to many lodges, and I can say that none have been better for me than Mpala.
It was certainly one of the best, and maybe even the best, of any trip that I’ve taken.

For me, what made it so good was our ranger, Zanelle, who was superb with us.
I was especially impressed as to how well she knew the birds – even the small ones – knowing, for example, the difference between a crombec and a batis and even a tchagra.
For me, that was important.
But, beyond that, she spotted everything so well: the animals, all the birds big & small, and she also had interesting things to say about the plants and places overall.
Everyone in our group was so impressed with her.
And also, very importantly: she had the personality and the patience to be so good with all of us (as different as each of us was).

Zanelle also worked well with Luke, communicating by radio/phone (whatever it was) between vehicles when we were in Kruger Park, enabling us to have some wonderful sightings.

And I must say something about Estel – what a good and attentive manager she is. She runs it all very well.
Her personality is so good in dealing with all of the guests, as different as they are from each other.

And the food – the staff in that regard was tremendous, as were the meals they prepared.
And the accommodations were so nice, with “class” (to use that expression).

So, as you can see, I only have very good things to say – about Mpala, its people, and our visit there.

Sometime soon, I’ll be giving a presentation (showing photographs) about our tour in South Africa to a nature organization here in the US (in Pennsylvania).
Actually, I’ll be giving a few such presentations in upcoming months to different groups here in the eastern US.

Already some people have told me that they would like to go with me when I go again.
So I will be back, and seemingly a few times.

Thank you for running a place that enables people to have such a good experience in their lives.
(In my opinion, that’s what it’s all about).

Best regards,

Armas Hill