The skilled rangers at Mpala Safari Lodge will ensure you get the most out of your safari and keep you safe.
Understanding animal behavior will help you enjoy your safari so much more. It will help you spot wildlife, their predators or prey and even mean you take better photographs.


Needless to say, you are not expected to be knowledgeable about the animals you’ll see or their habitat. That’s where our rangers come in! At Mpala Lodge, our highly trained and skilled rangers have many years of experience in the bush and are eager to share that experience with you. They will guide you, answer your questions and above all, keep you safe.


Great guides


What makes a great guide? At Mpala Safari Lodge we like to make an analogy with visiting a museum or viewing a work of art in a gallery. An untrained eye is able to appreciate an artefact or painting, yet so much more can be learned and understood if explained by a good guide.

Details you may have not noticed, such as tracks left by animals, the way they move, hunt, eat and play are brought to life so much more vividly when explained by a ranger. You probably know for example, that a giraffe bends it neck down to drink! But did you know that every giraffe raises its head very fast by flicking it up? This results in a spray of water that makes for some really good photos.

Our rangers won’t get in your way though. You’ll have plenty of quiet moments for your own thoughts and reflections safe in the knowledge that the service minded guide is on hand should you need him or her.


Highly qualified


All our rangers are well trained and qualified to the FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa) standard. This qualification is the most widely accepted high-level certification process in areas like nature guiding, tracking, and rifle handling.

Our competent rangers will accompany you on our programmed activities such as game drives, take you out on bushwalks and help you spot the big five. They will give you precise and clear instructions on what to do and not to do to keep you safe and, of course, are armed and well prepared for any unexpected eventuality should it arise.




Qualifications are worthless though without experience, passion and motivation. Our rangers like Sebastian Jansen van Vuuren with 13 years experience in the industry have all of these qualities. They have a passion for the bush, for animals and conservation. As Sebastian puts it “I feel deeply blessed to be in the nature and like to call it my office”.


Skilled in nature conservation


It’s not just experience and knowledge about animals though. To be able to answer your questions and guide you, a good ranger needs to be skilled in nature conservation, mammals, birds, insects and plants.

So if you are planning a safari, at Mpala Lodge you can be sure of first-rate service, South African hospitality and the best rangers to guide and protect you.