More experiences & excursions
– not included
Hot air balloon over the bush
Experience the magic in hovering silently above the tree tops and herds of animals

We meet before sunrise, where coffee will be served, while the balloon is inflated to an impressive height equivalent to an 8 story building. The flight takes place so early that we get to see the sun rising in the horizon while the balloon is rising. We drift over the landscape enjoying the impressive view while looking for animals and taking in the splendid landscape beneath.

After we have landed, a glass of champagne will be served. We do not take safety lightly, so this excursion will only take place when the weather forecast secures us that wind and weather is perfect.

Price: 4,800 Rand per person

River cruise – the ultimate experience

River cruise – the ultimate experience
To float quietly on the river among hippos and crocodiles, while elephants and giraffes are watching from the banks – a great way to relax and have an amazing experience. The cruise takes place on a dammed part of the Olifant River, where the calm waters are habitat for an abundance of animals and birds. We sail among snorting hippos, lurking crocodiles and impressive ospreys looking for fish.

Price: 1,400 Rand per person

Shopping tour to Phalaborwa

Half a day to the city Phalaborwa, where you can shop – or simply experience the life in a modern African city. Take a walk, enjoy the life here and the exotic stalls at the square, or you can buy clothes, shoes, jewellery etc. in the modern shops at African prices. If possible, we combine the trip with a visit to the copper mine where you have a view over the second largest man-made hole in the world – the diameter is nearly 2 km with a depth of 1 km. The mine has made Phalaborwa quite a wealthy city with many wonderful properties.

Price: 1,100 Rand per person

Golf and giraffes

Play 18 holes in the Hans Merensky Golf Club, which is an extraordinary experience with giraffes and other animals crossing the course attracted by the fresh green grass. It is not advisable to try and look for golf balls in the water as the lakes are filled with crocodiles and hippos.

Price: 1,750 Rand per person incl. green fee

Rental of golf gear 280 Rand extra

Cheetahs and endangered animals

Experience the centre for endangered animals in Hoedspruit, where they primarily raise cheetahs to be released back into nature. Among other endangered species are wild dogs as well as a series of hurt animals and young animals without parents, which will be nurtured and taken care of until they can be released. Please notice that some of the animals are kept in small compounds but the centre is still worth a visit. As a visitor here, you contribute to the running of the centre and the survival of the animals.

Price: 1.400 Rand per person

og truede dyr

Oplev centret for truede dyr i Hoedspruit, hvor man især opdrætter geparder til udsætning i naturen. Blandt andre dyrearter er de sjældne vilde hunde, samt en række skadede dyr og forældreløse dyreunger, som bliver passet og plejet, til de kan sættes fri. Vi gør opmærksom på, at en del af dyrene går i mindre indhegninger, men centret er alligevel en oplevelse værd, og som besøgende er man med til at bidrage til driften og dyrenes overlevelse.

Pris: 1000 Rand pr. person

Extra bushwalk
– experience even more

There is already 2 bush walks included in the program, but do you want to see even more, you can book extra tours. It is fascinating to see how even our experienced guides can discover the slightest signs and tracks in the terrain. You may not see them until they are pointed out to you. A broken branch, tracks in the sand or the droppings from an animal to tell you which animal has been here and when.

Price: 600 Rand per person

Horseback riding
On the back of a horse you can get even closer to the animal life

When you are on horseback, you will experience the feeling of becoming one with nature. The African animals are not frightened by a rider on a horse as they simply consider the equipage as yet another animal in nature. You can ride right into a herd of zebras without they run away. It is truly an intense nature experience. NB! The tour is for experienced riders only.

Price: 1.800 Rand per person

Tented Safari

Enjoy a great time around the bonfire with a wonderful ambience

We har reconstructed the good old safari experience. Where you walked through the bush and satyed over in tent.

The dinner is prepared over the fire and the night in tents in the midle of the bush.

The evening is spent around the bonfire where we enjoy the ambiance in the midle of the African nature. 

Price: 850 Rand per person

The Draken Mountains

Combine your safari with a 1-day tour     

1-day tour to the spectacular Draken mountains where you visit caves, enjoy the view over Blyde River Canyon, the third biggest canyon in the world, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, where the river has eroded wondrous formations into the rocks as well as many other magnificent sceneries of nature. During the tour, picnic will be served.

Price: 2,200 Rand per person


Take a guidet trip into SOWETO in Johannesburg. 

If you have many hours of waiting in Johannesburg you can take a guided trip into the township SOWETO.
The area carrys a lot of the violent history of the fight against apartheid.
The trip includes a visit to Desmond Tutus church and the Apartheid Museum.

Price: 1.900 Rand per person


Take an extra ride on the fun ATVs. 

One safari bike trip on the 4×4 wheeler bikes through the bush is already included in your stay at Mpala. 

But if you can’t get enough you can take an extra trip.

Price: 1.100 Rand per person

Elephant interaction

Experience the African elephants up close

Have you met Indian elephants in the zoo or mayby years ago in a circus? Yes, they are big. But the African Elephants are much bigger!

They can only be tamed with patience, kindness and lots of treats. Previously these elephants worked in the forrests in Zimbabwe.  They got liberated from work years ago.

Now they stay in their own reserve near Mpala Safari Lodge.

The elephants are tame and you can meet them up close and pet them.

Price: 3,000 Rand per person

Extra sunset drive

A game drive in the soft light of sunset

As the day cooles down the animals become active . They seek the waterholes and feed in the bush.

This is the time go drive out and spot them. We drive in Mpalas vicinity and on our own part of the reserve

Along the way, the guide talks about the fascinating life of the animals, plants and insects.

While enjoying the sunset and the view, we take a little break with cool drinks.

Price: 675 Rand per person


Excursion to the Rehabilitation Centre for Animals

Near the Drakensberg mountains is Moholoholo situated. It is a wildlife care centre where a lot of work is being done to save wild animals.

Thsy could be injured or have lost their life-giving parents at an untimely age. After the animals are brought back on their feet, they are again let out in the nature, either in their own reserve or in the big nature.

Guests will have the opportunity to see the cared for animals and visit the “vultures restaurant”, where food is served for the wild vultures.

The Centre is also making great efforts to teach environmental and animal protection

Pris: 1.400 Rand per person

Extra morning gamedrive

Enjoy an extra gamedrive in the rising Sun

We drive out into the early morning light. The animals wake up. They’re active and you see them out in the open. They use the cool time in the first sunbeams to get their breakfast before it gets too hot and send them back into the shades.

We drive in Mpalas vicinity and on our own part of the reserve.

Along the way, the guide talks about the fascinating life of the animals, plants and insects.

Price: 675 Rand per person

An extra day in Kruger Park incl overnight stay

Stay in Kruger Park an extra night and day

oSome of us just can’t get enough of Kruger Park.

So we made this opportunity for the dedicated Kruger Park fans. Where we usually drive home after the second day, this trip can be extended with an extra night and a new day.

As we have to book extra chalets in the camps in Kruger Park, this tour must be booked at least 3 months before arrival. We make sure that the 2nd night takes place in a new camp, so that 2 different places are stayed in the total trip. The tour can be arranged according to special preferences.

There must be at least 4 guests joining on this tour. A lack of capacity in the Kruger Park chalets can occur. This happens especially during the South African high season.

So contact us during the planning of your trip to Mpala so we toghether can find just the right time for this extension of your trip.

Price: 4,300 Rand per person for a minimum of 4 guests

Additional 1,000 Rand per vehicle if less than 4 guests



An extra day in Kruger Park

Enjoy a day trip in Kruger Park

og We start out from Mpala before the sun rises and enjoy the sunrise in the car on the way to Kruger Park.

The experience of Kruger is the same as on our included 2 day tour, but we drive in a smaller area as we have to go home again and out of the park before it closes.

Here you will drive through the day with stops in picknik spots and enjoy Mpala’s deliciousries.

Pris: 2,800 Rand pr. person for a minimum 4 guests

Additional 1,000 Rand per vehicle if less than 4 guests

Reptile Park

See and learn about the snakes and other creepy things up close

Honestly– although there are snakes and other “creeping things” in the bush, it is extremely rare to see them. So don’t fear being “attacked” by scary things just because you come to Africa.

If you are interested in seeing them anyway. This trip to the Reptile Centre in Hoedspruit is nice to do. They have a lot of different kinds of reptiles and also some slightly larger insects.

You can also get a demonstration of the reaction of the 3 most dangerous snakes to a close encounter with people in a secure area. In this way you can see for yourself that they are really doing everything they can to dodge and look to get away.

Price: 1,400 Rand per person