Champagne med udsigt

Africa is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world and why not combine the happiest journey of your life with a luxury safari? From your private accommodation in one of our cozy duplex chalets, you have direct view to the fascinating wildlife along the Olifants River and a long week with exciting game drives and front seat wildlife adventures ahead of you.

A honeymoon should be romantic, exciting and a journey you remember for the rest of your lifetime! Add to that exclusiveness and luxury and lots of extraordinary experiences you can’t have every day! The perfect recipe for success!

An African safari have it all and an African safari at Mpala Lodge have so much more:

– Exclusive scenery – check!

– Exotic wildlife – check!

– Romantic sun downs – check!

– Delicious cuisine in extraordinary settings

– Cozy and luxurious accommodation – check!


Exclusive scenary


The Mpala Safari Lodge is situated at the banks of the Olifants River in the north-eastern part of the Greater Kruger National Park – in safe distance from the more crowded and heavily trafficked southern parts of the park. From your luxurious accommodation in one our duplet chalets, you get a first row seat to the beautiful and unspoiled nature and the fascinating wildlife at the river and our fantastic surroundings.

As we only have 12 guests at the Lodge at the time you will also have plenty of undisturbed time and can get help and someone to answer your questions in minutes. By us you will never have to wait in line for anything. That adds to the feeling of exclusiveness and makes the whole experience really luxurious.


Exotic wildlife


You will also have lots of chances to get real close to the exotic wildlife. One of the first days at the Lodge, you and your life’s special someone will follow our other guests on a guided excursion on foot into the bush, where our trained rangers teach you how to spot the animals and the trails and tracks they leave behind. Our rangers are armed – just in case!


Romantic sun downs with delicious cuisine in extraordinary settings


During the week the two of you will have the chance for a really romantic dinner out in the open, when our skilled chefs prepare a sumptuous and very delicious dinner outdoor over the open camp fire.

A both magical and romantic experience in the colours of the setting sun – and suddenly the golden glow changes to deep black night skies with stars so bright that you can hardly believe your eyes. Here far away for the lights of the city, you seem closer to the universe then ever – and to the wildlife, that we take a closer look at on our night drive safari after the dinner and a good glass of champagne.


Cozy and luxurious accommodation


The nights are yours alone in your cozy and romantic chalet with private bath and toilet. The bed is large and comfortable and the room air conditioned to meet your temperature preferences.
So the scene is perfect for an unforgettable honeymoon. But please hurry to book! As we have only room for 12 guests at the time, you have to be an early bird to book a room right that fits with your other wedding plans.