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Exclusive safari in South Africa


Do you dream of an exclusive safari with amazing accommodation and the possibility to get real close to the wild animals? Then the Mpala Safari Lodge could be what you are looking for. Here you stay in luxurious double houses and will attend a delicious dinner out in the bush.

In the middle of the South African bush, in the North East part of the huge Kruger National Park, the Mpala Safari Lodge is situated. This part of the nature reserve is not nearly as crowded as the Southern part. Here you will get the chance to get real close to all the wild animals without having to fight for the good seats.


Luxurious accommodation


At the Mpala Safari Lodge we only have room for 12 guests at a time. That means that you can always be sure to be served or get help when you need it. The accommodation is in our exclusive double houses – chalets – decorated in an exclusive, cosy style with private bath and toilet and large panorama windows overlooking the rich and fascinating animal life along the beautiful Olifants River.

The days are spent going on exiting expeditions, but you also have time to relax by our pool. The dinner is served at the main building on the large patio facing the river. Afterwards, you can enjoy an evening together with the other guests in the beautiful living room.



Welcome to an exciting week


You will have the best experience by staying a week or more. The week offers exciting experiences where you get the chance to get close to the wild animals under safe circumstances together with our trained rangers. You can choose trips on foot, photo safari on ATVs, and you can join a real safari hunt.


During the week, there will be time for an amazing dinner in the bush prepare over open fire by our skilled chefs in the sunset. The table are set and as if it were Blixen, champagne are served at the dinner. Afterwards, we are going on a nocturnal safari, where you can see how the animals behave at night and experience the many animals that only are active during the night.

The week includes a 2-day expedition around the Kruger National Park. It has app. The same size as Jutland in Denmark and is one of the most famous nature reserves in the world. The night is spent in your own cottage with private bath and toilet in one of the many camps spread across the park

During the week there will be several so-called Game Drives. Here we drive in an open, covered jeep. You get a great opportunity to shoot some amazing photos of the animals and the grand nature at close range.


How to secure a stay at our luxury lodge


With room for only 12 guests at a time, you need to be in good time to secure a room at a time to fit your schedule. Use the booking system at this page where it is easy to see when we have available chalets. You can book for 5 or 7 days at a time or for 5+7 or 7+7 days. So act now and start looking forward to an unforgettable week or more in the South African bush first class.