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It does not get more private than this – almost. The Mpala Lodge only has room for 12 guests at a time, and they are accommodated in luxurious double houses with room for two people in each half. The lodge is right in front of the beautiful Olifant River, the local lifeblood for the animal life in the area.

All the animals in the area are going to the river for water. From the panorama windows in the double houses – or from the patio in front of the main building – you can watch how the animals start by sending out a scout who can summon the rest of the animals if the coast is clear.

Then they drink and bathe peacefully in the river until the baboons or the birds warn everybody. A brief moment everyone is standing still looking around in alert. Then they flee and in seconds, the brink and the river are deserted until either the animals or the reason for the alert comes out.

That is a daily occurrence and part of the ambience waiting for you if you book a stay at our peaceful and pleasant lodge. We are situated far from the more crowded parts of the Kruger National Park and that is why we can offer you some unique nature experiences where you get to see the animals up close.

Our skilled rangers provide the optimal nature experience for you

Led by our skilled rangers, you will go on a safari on foot one of the first days you stay at the Mpala Lodge. The rangers are of course armed and alert so you can be safe. They can show you an animal life and animal tracks, which you did not have a chance to experience anywhere else in the park

You will also get a chance to dine in the open with food prepare over open fire while it gets dark. After the dinner, we go on a night safari where you get the chance to come close to some of the amazing and very different nocturnal animal life.

Excursions from our lodge in South Africa

Furthermore, the stay includes a photo safari, where you get the chance to bring home some wonderful animal photos – to mount over the fire place. You get to choose whether you want to drive in a jeep or go by ATV.

Then there is the 2-day excursion into Kruger National Park, where we stay in different local camps. Again, you get a unique opportunity to take a closer look at the varied and amazing animal life counting 147 species of mammals, 517 species of birds and around 114 different species of reptile inclusive crocodiles. Some of the species are so rare that they can only be seen here in the natural reserve.

We are also visiting the local school. We have a very close and special relationship to the local Sotho-tribe, so they come by to perform their traditional tribal dance. In this way, the young of the tribe are getting to know the old and proud dancing traditions.

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Are you looking for a unique nature experience? Book a stay at the Mpala Lodge today! You need to be fast though as only 12 guests at a time can stay at the lodge. So the tickets are in great demand!