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Kruger National Park – the place to go for the perfect safari


With an amazing 19.633 km2, Kruger National Park is the largest nature reserve in Africa. In the middle of the park, by the banks of the Olifants River you can find the Danish-owned Mpala Safari Lodge offering exclusive safari tours for no more than 12 persons at a time – the perfect basis for your safari.

Kruger National Park is situated in the North East part of South Africa and stretches through the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Since it opened back in 1927, the park has drawn more and more tourists due to the large and very varied animal life with around 147 different species of mammals – counting over 12.000 elephants, 27.000 African buffaloes, and 1.000 leopards – 517 species of birds and 114 different species of reptile inclusive crocodiles.

Due to the vast amount of tourists going to Kruger National Park each year, it can be difficult to find a quiet place to take a closer look at the animals – that is if you go to the southern part of the reserve.


An El Dorado in Kruger National Park

Do you go to a place further North East instead, towards the middle of the park to the Olifants River, you get to a more quiet area with less tourists. Here you find the Mpala Safari Lodge, owned and run by Danes, where you are guaranteed a front row seat to see the animals and an employee is always there to assist you by answering any question you might have or to fulfil your wishes.

The Mpala Safari Lodge only has 12 guests at a time and they are accommodated in our exclusive double houses with a view directly to the Olifants River and the magnificent nature around the river. It ensures that you have the perfect safari experience with a whole different proximity to nature than you would have in the more crowded parts of the reserve.

A week with plenty of excursions

To get the best out of your stay, we recommend that you stay here for at least a week. The week starts as soon as you have been given your room with a traditional tribal dance danced by the local Sotho tribe.

The following day we go by foot into the bush led by our experienced – and for safety measures – armed guides. They will take you close to the animals, nature and the animal life you would not discover if you did not know what to look for.

The week will offer photo safari in an open jeep or on ATVs depending on what you choose, an amazing and very romantic meal our in the bush. The dinner is prepared over open fire, and then we go on a night drive to present the incredible nocturnal animal life for you.

Furthermore, you are going on a 2-days expedition into the heart of Kruger National Park, where you get to see more of the amazing animal life.

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Do you wish to experience the tranquil part of Kruger National Park and get really close to the vast and varied animal life, book a week at the Mpala Safari Lodge in your own apartment NOW! Here, African architecture and Danish comfort and interior decoration meet. Only room for 12 guests a week, so book your stay in good time!