We serve all your meals

All meals

Our skilled chefs prepare sumptuous and tasty meals – often outdoors in the Boma or in true safari style around the fire in the bush. Dining out is grand safari romance. Above you, Africa’s night sky is pitch black with millions of bright stars and not so rarely a fine shooting star. Game is often on the menu when the chef, for example has delicious meat from the impala on the grill. Unsurpassed South African beef and delicious and healthy salad dishes are also “everyday food” at Mpala Safari Lodge. For the food, you can choose exquisite South African wines from Mpala’s wine cellar. With our interest in – and knowledge of – the local wines, we have built up a well-stocked wine cellar over the years. An interesting vinous experience elevates the dinner to a culinary experience. For the many excursions, the chef packs a delicious picnic basket and the lunch is set with a tablecloth on the table. If you need a special diet, Mpala’s kitchen naturally takes that into account. It will be a great help to know before you arrive.