Mpala Lodge offers an African Safari you never thought possible in one of Africa’s most stunning nature reserves: Greater Kruger National Park. A stay at our exclusive resort is a seat on the front row, allowing you to come into close contact with nature and enjoy the rich wildlife found in the park.

Mpala Safari Lodge is located in the heart of the South African bush in the northeastern part of South Africa. It’s an exclusive Safari Resort limited to just 12 guests at a time, accommodated in three cozy duplex chalets overlooking the Olifants River.


First class African Safari

At Mpala Lodge you avoid having to flock among the droves of tourists who travel to the Kruger National Park each year. With us you’re always guaranteed the best seats and you’ll always find one of our employees ready to help.

As our guest, you’re in for an exclusive, first African safari. It’s pure indulgence combined with fabulous experiences you will take home and remember for the rest of your lives.


Lots of excursions

Once you’re settled in, your experience starts with the traditional Sotho tribal dance. Dressed in their original celebratory costumes this stunning display actually helps the tribe’s younger generation to learn and keep their beautiful, traditional dances alive.

The week also includes a bush walk on foot led by our experienced guides, who can tell about the many things that you’ll meet on the road. The walk lets you get really close to nature and you’ll become aware of hidden tracks and beautiful wildlife you might not notice at first glance. And it’s reassuring to know that the guide is armed – just in case.

Coming up is a photo safari – either on an ATV or in open jeep – and a romantic dinner in the bush, where food is cooked over an open fire. The evening ends with a night drive where you’ll experience the amazing African nature at night.

There will also be time for more game drives in the game rich area around Mpala Lodge, a visit to a village school and a trip deep into the Kruger National Park over two days with lodging in local camps. During the trip, there will be several opportunities to see the exciting and varied wild- and bird life that characterizes the park.


Get close up to the animals

With 147 different breeds of mammals, 517 bird species and 114 species of reptiles, there is plenty of wildlife to watch. Actually, some of the species can only be seen in the Kruger National Park!

The classic “big five” (lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino) are of course on the itinerary. They are a must see on any safari in Africa – so don’t leave without seeing them!


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As our guest book confirms – you’re in for unique African safari if you choose to stay at the Mpala Lodge. You can book your stay right here. However, please hurry – rooms are in high demand as we only have 12 guests at a time in our exclusive safari resort!