Følg hverdagen på lodgen
“the magnificent seven”

Dear Estelle & Mipala teaus, we have enjoyed seven lovely days as your guests by the river.

Five adults and five children forging memories through gamedrives, bush walks, excussions to Kruger, hot air ballon rides (1 attaupt, 1 successful).

We got to see “the magnificent seven” with wild dogs, & a road-walking cheeta, a leopard on the prowl, and grazing rherhinos passing by the lodge as well as a peacetul elephant herd bathing in the riter followed by a hippo family.

With a knowledgeable team and hosting manners bejond expectations we have , Savoured every moment. We leave with fond memories and as graduated ambassadors for the Mpala Lodge experience!

All the best the

Eskebæk & Orloff families from Kongsted, Denmark